Neville Property Consultants provides real estate services which are tailor made to suit our clients’ needs. We offer services in Letting and Property Management, Sales and Valuations of residential, commercial and industrial properties. Neville property Consultants’ professionals are dedicated to providing superior valuation and consultancy services through team work.

Valuation lies at the heart of most of major corporate transactions i.e. from mergers, acquisitions, financial reporting and litigation. As these transactions become complex the need for objective and comprehensive valuations becomes critical. Neville Property Consultants is there to serve you. Our land and buildings professionals and plant & Machinery professionals are dedicated to providing clients with superior valuation services.
We undertake valuations for the following purposes:
• Valuation for Accounting in compliance with the requirements of the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).
• Valuation for Insurance
• Valuation for Acquisition/merger
• Valuation for Collateral/mortgage
• Valuation for Deceased Estates


• Commercial Properties
• Industrial Properties
• Residential Properties
• Hospitality Properties and schools
• Plant and Machinery

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